Crewel Choices - finished!

I finished Crewel Choices, an EGA GCC by Judy Jeroy that I am doing through CyberStitchers. We were supposed to change the piece up, but I more or less stitched it like Judy did. I did change the filling in the blue flower and the color of the veins. But I liked the colors she stitched her piece in, so other than that I didn't make any changes.

Next on my list is to finish the Cherry Tree Cottage basket, then I have a new crewel GCC that I have agreed to pilot stitch. It is an embroidered bear worked in Australian wool embroidery. That will be a lot of fun! :o)


Rissa said...

Woo hoo! It looks great and I knew you could do it. :-)

Madame Purl said...

Totally gorgeous!

Cynthia said...

hey... how goes the stitching on the bear?